in between;
Aera, 21, kdrama addict. I stan these three cuties , handsome oppa & also this ahjussi. (•‿•)
» watching: Hotel King & Gap Dong
» anticipating: Golden Cross & Doctor Stranger

{forever loving}

fave kdramas;
Bridal Mask
The Princess' Man
Heartless City
Story of a Man
Bad Guy
Green Rose
You Who Came From The Stars
Salaryman ChoHanJi

fave kmovies;
The Man From Nowhere
Always /Only You
War of The Arrows
Antique Bakery
Bleak Night


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Dogs aren’t allowed in here!


Shi Hyun. It was really fun being with you.


Kim Ji Won at the Gapdongi Press Conference


SS501's Alphabet


“No matter if it is one member or two members on stage, there’s always one name. 
Let me tell you that we will be SS501 forever.” -SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong.
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